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11 Expert Tips on Launching a Successful B2B Affiliate Marketing Program

We broke down the most common types of affiliates and how to find them in this article. Dive into social media groups, communities, forums and educational platforms. Other approaches are to send out email campaigns to current customers or ask them to join your affiliate program in onboarding calls. Most affiliate programs gain the majority of their sales from only 10% to 20% of their affiliates. This means that, in some ways, recruiting the right affiliates is a numbers game.

That’s why you also want to focus on the number of marketers you get on board. Having an army of skilled marketers to help sell your brand can have an enormous impact on your internet presence. New audiences will hear about your brand, and you will get organic traffic from multiple new sources. For technical details affiliate onboarding of our products and connectors, check out our docs. Get your data in spreadsheets, data visualization and BI platforms, and data warehouses. QuickMail allows you to choose a delay after your first outreach message and if your recipient hasn’t replied by that time, a second email will automatically be sent.

methods for successful affiliate onboarding

If an affiliate uses Instagram, you can prepare promo codes and visually appealing marketing images. All together, automating your affiliate onboarding process can reduce time spent communicating with new partners, giving you more time to seek out new avenues, and improve the overall affiliate experience. The respondents to our survey included both large and small ecommerce brands, as well as several agencies that provide outsourced affiliate marketing program management. Each affiliate partner type reaches its audience in a different way, such as a blog post, coupon website, or email campaign. Each partner type engages with customers at different stages of the consumer journey.

  • For those who need more features and analytics, there is the Advanced plan which costs $24/month.
  • Your sign-up form also serves as a gateway to filter out unwanted affiliates.
  • If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to best succeed, reach out to .
  • Engaging content attracts and retains viewers, while interaction fosters a sense of community around your channel and encourages viewers to return and support you in the future.
  • For active recruitment, Matt recommends considering the characteristics of an ideal partner and developing an awareness campaign around them .
  • During this phase, PartnerStack’s onboarding team will discuss the new onboarding partner’s program in detail with them and align on timelines.
  • Before getting started, make sure you are prepared and you have completed setting up your Tapfiliate account.

Spend time creating affiliate communications channels and materials that will eventually be helpful to create a great affiliate onboarding experience. In addition, affiliate onboarding is important for the growth of your affiliate program overall. This is especially true for affiliate retention and will have an influence on affiliate income.

Dealing with fraud

Always advise legal counsel before publishing any form of legal documentation. Engaging content attracts and retains viewers, while interaction fosters a sense of community around your channel and encourages viewers to return and support you in the future. EBay Partner Network, an online marketplace with a wide range of product categories.

strategies for affiliate onboarding

Matt started with PartnerStack in 2020 as an onboarding consultant, bringing several years of experience in partner onboarding with him from other B2B ventures. Prior to his start https://xcritical.com/ in onboarding, Matt was already immersed in the world of partnerships. Now managing the SMB onboarding flow at PartnerStack, he’s the perfect person to walk us through it all.

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing alternatives

Since they already boast an impressive following, it’s easy for influencers to direct consumers to the seller’s products through social media posts, blogs and other interactions with their followers. Often freelancers and entrepreneurs, search affiliates pay their own money to promote your product or service, leveraging search engines such as Google and Yahoo to drive traffic to your website. This means your affiliate needs to earn a certain amount of money before their commissions are paid.

Easily manage a centralized product catalog while setting up customized feeds by affiliate segment. Once you’ve discovered your ideal affiliate, the next challenge is onboarding them in an efficient and timely manner. Communicating back and forth manually with prospects can eat up precious time between replies and confirmations. Below we have listed out some of the helpful ways automation can help ecommerce brands overcome these roadblocks. Across the board, responses gravitated towards the same key issues, namely struggling with discoverability, bandwidth, and being overly reliant upon discounts to drive affiliate sales. Brands only pay when results are achieved, which means the channel carries low risk and high growth potential.

We are currently building your Post Affiliate Pro dashboard…

Affiliate onboarding is the first step in building a positive affiliate relationship. This is crucial to not only the success of individual affiliates, but also the success of your overall affiliate program. Similar to setting up email campaigns for customers or prospects, you can design personalized messages for targeted affiliates and send them out in bulk. Then, you can create drip campaigns using if/then logic based on the affiliates’ responses. It’s easy to find relevant affiliates, and onboarding is straightforward.

strategies for affiliate onboarding

Once your affiliate program is up and running, you can occasionally boost your sales by providing temporary rewards for your affiliates. Recurring commissions in the SaaS industry vary from 15 to 25%, with the occasional odd one out that offers higher or lower than that. Compare commission percentages in your niche and check out the programs of your competitors. If you have an established product or service, you can also reward your affiliates with product credits.

Strategies to Use During the Affiliate Onboarding Process

By doing this, you’ll be able to set realistic channel KPIs for your affiliate marketing program and ensure that it’s successful. By improving your onboarding process, you can set your affiliates up for success, increasing your own revenue in the process. This aspect is often overlooked, but it’s essential to an effective program. Affiliate compensation may include incentive compensation, such as commission payments for sales or leads from affiliate referral marketing. Performance measures requiring payouts may also be tracked through a platform for ad networks that match ads with publishers or a different type of affiliate software platform. Because the type of possible affiliates that your company may deal with is in a broad range of specialties, affiliate payments structural types vary.

Explain Details to Affiliates On Programs

Quality content also helps inform and educate your potential buyers. Affiliates can produce a wide variety of content to promote your business. Some are active on social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram, while others focus on content writing and newsletters. After partnering with them and agreeing on an affiliate commission, influencers will promote your product on their own channels, and take a cut of the revenue you generate.



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