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40 Insanely Fun Virtual Icebreaker Games & Ideas

Include plenty of lighthearted options so nobody feels pressured to share anything too sensitive. This way you can make everyone feel included not only for their business knowledge but also their passions or hobbies. In huddle rooms, give each group three-five minutes to find as many things as possible that they have in common with each other. Then, have them report back to the group on the most surprising findings. Help center Explore help documents and videos, or chat with support. Live Demo Join a live product demo and chat with our in-house experts.

ice breakers for large virtual meetings

Most Likely To, when played as a icebreaker game on Zoom can be a lot of fun, especially with a funny set of questions. The game is simple ice breakers for large virtual meetings to play with a question answer format. Then have the rest of the group guess which first job belongs to which member of the group.

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If you have any special practices or routines you use to pamper yourself, or just make yourself feel good, now’s the time to share. You might even get some quarantine self-care inspiration from your friends or coworkers. Just remember to keep it office-friendly, if it’s a work call. Simply choose your favorite beverage, add your name to it to identify yourself, and let the conversation flow. Ask everyone to snap a photo, or upload one from their computer and add it to the board and then let everyone share a story.

Our ‘magic cube’ random question generator will do that for you. Simply create a quiz poll question in Slido and mark one option as correct. You can use our integrations with Google Slides and PowerPoint to insert the poll directly into your slides. She currently works as an editorial writer specializing in organizational psychology – helping teams work better together.

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Then, ask them to write a moment on the virtual whiteboard and talk about it for as long as they feel comfortable. This icebreaker question is perfect for meetings because it encourages people to share their goals and approach to professional development. This question is great for getting your workmates to open up and talk about what matters to them. Share concerts, events, and family get-togethers you’re looking forward to. If you’re managing remote teams, then starting the meeting with this question can also help initiate productive conversations about planning your month.

  • Blindfolded, each employee will go around while being guided by a teammate.
  • It could be a goal that was achieved, positive customer feedback or a process improvement.
  • This could be a detail of their education, family situation, career path, etc.
  • Virtual ice breakers are one of our favorite ways to encourage that personal connection.

Or, take it up a notch and create small teams to battle against each other. They can chat on your team channel, then submit answers on the board. Keep a weekly tally and award prizes at the end of the month or year. Activity or idea on this list and apply it to a large group simply by using breakout rooms. For example, you could play charades or two truths and a lie by breaking a large audience into groups of 6 people. This is also a great idea to kickstart collaboration during team building activities.

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Take a synchronized virtual coffee break with your colleague and try the virtual scavenger hunt. Two or three individuals can also play against each other simultaneously. Whether through virtual speed networking or collaboration to solve a murder, virtual activities help to forge connections between your attendees. https://remotemode.net/ This can make your team, customer base, or community stronger and more engaged over time. Google’s Design Sprint helps teams come up with product ideas to solve a problem. This methodology is popular amongst entrepreneurs, but it makes for a great mini-activity to get everyone in the creative mood.

For a fun and collaborative extracurricular activity, start a film club. Agree on a movie to watch across the weekend and give your best film critique impressions during your virtual calls. An easy way to decide on which film to watch is by using an online film generator or similarly with a book club you can take recommendations from within the team.



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