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Core Values Of Nike: Mission Statement, Vision and Success


Other-oriented, it’s not about you, your company, or your product. A successful demand generation campaign at no cost is about others. It’s about making them feel special, unique, and part of something. In the book Unlocking The Customer Value Chain, professor Thales Teixeira explains it as a framework of all the steps or activities that customers have to go through to acquire products and services. The customer value chain then helps to map the journey of our customers from their viewpoint.From there map out how each product improvement will impact the customer experience.

To meet the component, Nike has a diversification of its products and targeting athletes across the globe. Nike has a value-driven structure, aiming to provide a premium proposition through frequent enhancements to its products. Its biggest cost driver is cost of sales, a variable expense that primarily includes inventory and warehousing costs. Other major drivers are in the areas of overhead, sales/marketing, and administration, all fixed costs. Nike’s customer relationship is primarily of a self-service nature. Customers use its products while having limited interaction with employees.

What are customer gains and customer pains?

It is no secret that Nike is one of the most well-known and recognizable brands today, not just in the athletic and apparel segments. Nike has transformed its company past a standard retailer into something much bigger, and it shows. The company raked in more than $46 billionannually and keeps growing. Nike’s COVID-19 response was widespread, covering the costs of food and apparel for global communities and extra assistance for their employees. The efforts included $ million for food and medical care and a $5 million dollar donation of footwear and apparel to healthcare professionals and front-line workers.

For creating this technology, Nike worked for 10 years and launched the product which worked in their favor. For example, Nike launched shoes that get automatically tied up the laces. The person needs to put their leg in shoes and the function will automatically start. The Co-Founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman offered their shoes not based on the techniques. Instead of that, he linked the shoes to running and living an adventurous life. Nike does much more intensive marketing to make sure their brand is always on-trend.

The product discovery moves around a building, reworking, experimenting, and iterating loop.A key element of today’s value proposition is the ability of companies to experiment with customers. These different values translate into distinctively different marketing messages for the brands. Columbia communicates authority through product-centric advertising.

At the same time, customers get their food at home, and dashers earn some extra money. DoorDash makes money by markup prices through delivery fees, memberships, and advertising for restaurants on the marketplace.For restaurants, more exposure for their brands, and an additional revenue stream. › A value proposition is a statement that clearly identifies the benefits a company’s products and services will deliver to its customers. A well-crafted value proposition will differentiate the company and/or its specific product or service in the marketplace and among a target market or target audience.

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The brand covers sports equipment to personal required items for the customers. Not just the items help the company to gather more audience as compared to any other game organization. Nike’s business model entails designing and developing its products for customers. In 1962 Stanford Business School graduate Philip H. Knight was traveling through Japan when he took a liking to the athletic shoes he saw there. He contacted a Japanese shoe manufacturer, Onitsuka Tiger Co., and convinced it to import some of its products to the U.S. He believed that the running shoes could challenge the dominance of German-made counterparts in America.

The https://1investing.in/ uses these guiding principles to model its brand based on equality, diversity, social and environmental impacts, and the evolution of the sport. Is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, surpassing its many competitors. In 2022, the athletic brand was valued at over $50 billion, which is the most valuable sports brand in the business, reports Interbrand.

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Indika is the founder of ecom hustler.com.And director of Bluechip mind. nike value proposition value proposition also offers an official app for runners to track their results, engage in content, and build community. This Nike value proposition shows its customers that they are the most integral part of the story. When it comes to connecting to a product and choosing the right one, emotions override facts and logic. It’s widely known that the more emotionally involved we are in a particular thing, the less objective and critical we are of its mistakes and flaws. Apparel 27.3% covers most of the already mentioned categories through the same marketing distribution channels.

  • Market research is currently at the forefront of marketing sports products and accessories, as marketplaces throughout the world become highly competitive.
  • They’ve encouraged women empowerment and involvement of women in sports- their social media channel NikeWomen inspires women to take up sport and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Not just it worked as a useful tactic but also the company achieved success in the long run.
  • They started changing their design and bettering their materials by adding cushions and using lightweight materials.
  • Also with technology like HyberAdapt 1.0, the company remained one step ahead of their competitor’s companies.
  • Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

However, the human dimension of values spans across all consumer categories and purchase behaviors. A value proposition is a simple statement that clearly communicates the product or service benefit you promise to deliver to your customers. It’s ultimately what makes your product attractive to your ideal customer. Nike’s success has persuaded investors that the company is gaining market share throughout the pandemic and would come back stronger than its rivals.

Core Values Of Nike: Mission Statement, Vision and Success

First of all, to have a profitable business, you have to have a good marketing strategy, that is – to let the customer connect with the product. The Nike value proposition does not allow its marketing strategy to slide. – Partnering up with rookie athletes was just the beginning of this company’s success. Today, Nike has signed contracts with the top three leagues in the USA – MBL, NFL, and NBA. Many others have also signed deals with this brand, sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Micheal Jordan, and Tiger Woods, which puts this value as a core of the Nike value proposition.


In the 2016 Olympics, In the category of shoe brands- Nike had the highest number of players who won medals. They were passionate about the cause and reflected the same in their marketing strategies. More than advertising their shoes, they advertise running and sports. They are master storytellers; they create demand for themselves by inspiring people to take up sports. It had established itself as a pre-eminent retailer of books, music CDs and DVDs.

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In this publication we introduce the Business Model Canvas, a template for identifying the drivers of value and innovation within a enterprise. By filling on this type, you conform to receive advertising communications from Definitiv. But, indeed, what matters for the audience is acquiring a product that has been heavily studied and developed from the best raw materials and technology available. Also, they want to carry the successful reputation the brand states, since athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Cristiano Ronaldo speak for the company.

› Our vision is to craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love, to refresh them in body & spirit. And done in ways that create a more sustainable business and better shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet. › We’re all familiar with Nike’s classic tagline of “Just do it,” Over the years, the brand’s shoes, along with famous athlete endorsements and the swoosh logo, have become more popular among consumers than ever. › A value proposition is a simple statement that clearly communicates the product or service benefit you promise to deliver to your customers. It’s ultimately what makes your product attractive to your ideal customer. What makes Nike’s focus on the customer different from most companies?

He was very well aware of Japanese production benefits, so he had an idea to explore the Japanese market with his own eyes. Amazingly, 41.14% of the respondents say they are highly satisfied. As such, the Nike customer satisfaction survey shows that most clients are somehow happy with Nike products. NIKE‘s unique value proposition has been on the innovative design, finesse and quality of their Product line. Innovation has been a constant driving factor of NIKE since its inception.

They focus their emphasis on creating content that promotes the benefits of their products, rather than the features. Helping their customers be better at what they love to do is still the focus of their branding and message. However, the firm’s profit ought to increase as more of its sales shift to online and direct, where it has complete leverage over the selling process and isn’t required to share income with its partner companies. Nike’s Consumer Direct Offense has helped the company gain ground on competitors like Under Armour and Adidas, and this growth is projected to continue in the future years. Nike is the world’s largest footwear and clothing retailer, with these sales accounting for the majority of their income.

Most successful businesses begin with just an abstract idea, but it takes courage, persistence, and a lot of right decisions to make it to a multinational corporation. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman did precisely this and together built an excellent Nike value proposition. Besides Instagram, Nike communicate with their customers through email subscriptions.

From its Discord Store, where users can buy premium games, to the seller shops, which primarily works with a 90/10 revenue share for developers and game sellers. And the ability for sellers to get more visibility on the platform by adding features to the game visibility.Gamers get a platform where they can interact with other gamers. Users get a free, seamless engine that helps them find an answer to anything. Google also provides now advanced features that enable a very advanced and rich experience for users.

A marketing strategy is the “what” and “how” to build a sustainable value chain framed for a target customer. A powerful marketing strategy needs to be able to manufacture desire, amplify the underlying value proposition, and build a brand that feels unique in the mind of its customers. What was the key insight that helped Nike develop a holistic marketing strategy? › Instead of just selling their products, Nike positions the brand as a healthy lifestyle motivator. Simple, powerful slogans and emotional storytelling are elements of communication. Brand empower their target audience and present news from the world of sport.

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There is a good chunk of value that can be unlocked via demand generation and communication-market fit. In short, there are aspects of a product that might make it more valuable by changing the perspective, target audience, and the story built within the product. Therefore, value is the glue of a business model, as it keeps together the core building blocks that might make a company successful in the first place. Customer obsession goes beyond quantitative and qualitative data about customers, and it moves around customers’ feedback to gather valuable insights. Those insights start with the entrepreneur’s wandering process, driven by hunch, gut, intuition, curiosity, and a builder mindset.

› Coca-Cola designed a content-based marketing strategy to drive consumer conversations, inspire purchases, and enhance brand value. Storytelling is a powerful tool to use within a company, just like it is for your target audience. Competition is very fierce due to the number of companies competing for sales. Lots of money goes to marketing and promotions using various channels to reach the young demographic group of consumers who spend the most money on Nike’s products. These markets include extreme sports market and the corporate merchandise market. Nike has a mass market business model, with no significant differentiation between customers.



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