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Callable or Redeemable Bonds

For example, let’s say a 6% coupon bond is issued and is due to mature in five years. An investor purchases $10,000 worth and receives coupon Callable or Redeemable Bonds payments of 6% x $10,000 or $600 annually. Three years after issuance, the interest rates fall to 4%, and the issuer calls the bond. However, […]

Elements of the Statement of Cash Flows Financial Accounting

Content What Are Examples of Investing Activities? Cash Flow from Investing Activities Example What are Cash Flows from Investing Activities? Financing Activities AccountingTools types of financial statements that every business needs Cash Flow from Investing Activities Example (JPMorgan Bank) Beginning and ending Plant Assets, Net, are $99,000 and $92,000, respectively. Depreciation for the period was […]

2022-2023 Tax Brackets and Federal Income Tax Rates

Content Early federal income taxes Biden’s Tax Proposals Could Impact Small Businesses Over Time Marginal Effective Tax Rates Alternative minimum tax (AMT) The income tax became an issue again in Roosevelt’s later speeches, including the 1907 State of the Union and during the 1912 election campaign. Multiple corporations may file a consolidated return at the […]

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